Who we are

Some Words About us

Our goal is to provide the best to existing and new clients. With us you are not just another account, you are treated as an individual. Clients will receive customized cleaning services depending on their needs and all new accounts will be supervised.

We treat all our domestic clients as individuals and cater for every cleaning requirement that they have. You will have the same reliable regular cleaners each visit, they will be especially designated to your home.

We offer a trustworthy and high quality service. We work hard to deliver efficient, reliable and honest service. The invaluable experiences we have gained throughout the years, and staff that are much valued, are the driving force behind our growth. We have been operating in Central Birmingham since 1996.


We have a wealth of satisfied customers who will endorse that our cleaning service is an affordable solution for your household chores. Please visit our testimonials page. When you hire a cleaning service you should hire based on two reasons quality service and customer service. When you become our customer you will receive ongoing customer support.

Have you ever heard this saying? “What you pay is what you get”. Well it’s true. Have you ever hired a cleaning service before and have never met the owner or manager? Most likely not. He or she is not professionally trained. You can tell because, he or she doesn’t possess any cleaning techniques, skills or structure and takes too long to clean your home.


Eventually, they end up damaging kitchen appliances/surfaces, broom marks appear on painted walls that were never there before, destroying your tiles or floors the list goes on. Have you ever called a cleaning service several times and there is always an out going message when you call and no one to assist you. These are reasons why you should hire us because, we believe in First Class Customer Service. You learn about customer service when you need it most!